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Facebook Results

The results you see are from a advertising campaign we did to grow our Facebook subscribers. The ad campaign worked well. It took about four hours of labor, an advertising budget of thirty dollars, and some experience to know how to make it work. There are no quick and easy ways, despite what some companies may tell you. It’s more of a process with various steps and pitfalls.

Facebook growth is helpful to your business, because it provides an increasing channel for your business to collect sales leads and a channel for communication directly to your potential customers. It is one of many social media sites that offer low cost ways of building sales leads; and If you are looking to increase your sales, increasing sales leads are a great place to start.

To get results like this;

  1. Create a business social media page that describes your services and links to your other social media and web sites.
  2. Post your content marketing across all your marketing channels with relevant keywords to your business. Boost this content to gain further reach.
  3. Run relevant video and graphic campaigns that catch your potential customer’s interest
  4. Create and run advertising campaigns
  5. Collect Sales Leads
  6. Profit

Brayson Management can help you achieve these results and more. It starts with our free assessment that helps us determine where our services will have the most benefit. Our proposal will explain everything you are getting and what it will cost in plain language. From there you can accept the offer, and Brayson will start working for you to get results.

We start with some basic questions about your business. You provide something that people benefit from. Good marketing means putting out a message of that benefit to the people that can use it the most. With the information we collect, we create social media, websites, and advertising campaigns that work together to give you quality sales leads that understand your business’ message. Your sales team will have everything they need to turn a lead into a customer.

When you look at Facebook’s Insights results it helps to know what the results mean. This shows growth that came from our content marketing and Facebook advertising on a rolling 28 day basis. Reach refers to the number of people that have seen our posts and advertising during that period. Post engagements are the number of people that have reacted, shared, and commented on our advertising and posts. Page likes are the the total number of subscribers during that time.

This growth didn’t come from some magical marketing trick. The secret is work, time, and money. If you don’t have the time or the experience, you can limit this list to only money by hiring someone like Brayson Management to create and run your content marketing and advertising campaigns. You can see this growth ebb and flow between marketing campaigns and content posts in the Insights results. This shows that your work and investment works to get your message out.

We have found that this growth is so low cost that the leads it produces makes it a very profitable investment. The growth that you are seeing in the graphic came from a $30 Facebook advertising budget. If your business is not investing in digital marketing, you are missing out. Even if you have more business than you have time for, digital marketing is an investment that ensures that this growth continues. Investing when you have the money is just good business and having good marketing ensures you continue to beat out your competitors.