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Often we find that small business owners are reluctant to sign up for a free assessment, because they think they will get a sales pitch in return. Brayson Management respects your time, so we provide something you can use to improve your digital presence for free, just for getting a chance to talk with you on how we can help your business generate sales leads and ultimately, profits.

It requires a small investment of your time, can help you identify key issues with your digital presence, and can help increase sale opportunities. We also provide basic information about your business domain that ensures it is safe and private.

It’s all packaged neatly for you in a easy to understand report that is presented to you by our sales specialist. All tests and tools that are used are freely available, so you can run the same tests for yourself. Your information is never disclosed to third parties, and the information is only used to present the assessment.

“I am so busy with work I can’t handle anymore, why would I need your service?”

The time to invest in your company’s future is when you have the money to invest. Rarely are businesses able to sustain growth without investing some of that growth back into themselves. Your company’s website, social media, and search engine ranking are investments that ensure your company’s message has a large reach to an interested audience. This growth requires time and money. But right now you don’t have any time, just the money. If in the future business dries up, you will have the time, but not the money. Brayson Management solves this problem by doing the work for you at an affordable rate, so you can focus on your business, while keep control of costs.

“Are you guys are just trying to sell me something?”

Brayson Management sells digital marketing services at an affordable rate, but the free assessment is a chance to present services that will help your business get noticed. In return, you get something that you can use to improve your digital presence, whether you use Brayson Management or not.

Is Digital Marketing too expensive?”

Digital Marketing is not an expense. It is an investment in your company’s future. We give you control over your marketing budget, and we broadcast your company’s message in the most efficient way possible. The Free Assessment is…well free, so it is not too expensive.

Does Digital Marketing take a lot of time?”

Yes, it requires a regular investment of time. It is not something you can create, forget about, and expect to be successful. It’s like buying a car and expecting it to run forever without having to spend time or money on maintenance. Brayson Management can solve this for you by doing the work for you. Our monitoring and hosting services provide 24/7 protection, updates, and backups for your company’s investment.

Why should I use Brayson Management?”

Brayson Management is unique among marketing companies in how it does business. Our target audience are companies that most marketing companies actively disqualify for being too small and too demanding. If you are a small business with under ten employees, you most likely do not have the deposit they need to even get started. Brayson Management has no minimum investment, our prices are low, and you control your advertising budget.