Marketing Packages for Small Business

Learn More about our Marketing Packages for small business

Regardless of whether you already have a web page or active social media account, or if you have nothing on the internet at all; Brayson Management can help you. We specialize in making the confusing world of the internet and Digital marketing simplified and successful.

We do this through a variety of affordable Service Packages that can be adjusted based on how much help you need. Our services packages are designed to help your company increase its internet presence; connecting your company to your customers directly through a variety of proven up to date methods.
Are you unsure of what you need? Our team can run a detailed audit of your entire internet presence and provide clear recommendations on what to improve.

Our Services include

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing

The end result is an increase in sales leads at an affordable price that works for your company’s bottom line.

Help Packages for Small Business

A Little Help

A Little Help works well for companies that already have a website and would like some social media exposure as well as technical and marketing advice . This package provides a monthly advertising account on one of the many platforms Brayson supports, includes one social media profile on one of our supported platforms, and provides an initial audit that reviews every aspect of your internet presence and offers solutions your company can take to improve moving forward. To track how well your changes are going, Brayson provides quarterly audits that show real world statistics in an easy to understand way.

A Little More Help

A Little More Help is a great service for businesses that have devoted some time to their internet presence but would like to expand their current service. It also provides quarterly audits so that your company can track ways to expand its internet presence to reach a wider customer base.

All the Help

All the Help is great for small businesses that have spent some time on their Internet presence but would like to expand it and would like more exposure to potential customers.

This package is the perfect solution for a small business that is either unhappy with their current service or has been unable to build an internet presence. This package provides a complete internet presence and management system that allows a business owner to devote time to their business instead of attempting to stay current with social media and search engine developments and technologies.


Do you need just a little bit more service than one of our packages offers? With the purchase of one of our packages, we offer the option to buy the following services individually:

  • Social Media Page ($100)
  • Website Creation ($1,000)
  • Digital Advertising Campaign ($200)
  • Domain Email ($200)
  • Domain Name (DNS) ($100)
  • Reputation Management ($200)

Monitoring Services

Protect your assets from theft and vandalism, and ensure you are using the latest in SEO with Brayson Management’s Website Monitoring services:

  • Website Upgrades
  • Database Upgrades
  • Site Up Time Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Theme upgrades
  • Plugin Upgrades

Sound professional and stay in control of your company’s communication with Brayson Management’s email service.

Stay informed of how your Digital Marketing budget is performing through Brayson Management’s detailed and easy to understand monthly reports.

Keep up to date on the latest technology without wasting your time with Brayson Management’s Quarterly Digital Effectiveness Audits:

  • Content quality testing on website and social media page
  • Website SEO testing
  • Business development updates to ensure you are using the latest in applications and services. Save time and feel secure with Brayson’s Domain Name Management Services:
  • DNS annual registrations
  • Whois ID blocker
  • Spam Protection
  • DNS record management