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Jason Peal Co Founder Brayson Management

Jason Peal

Co Founder Brayson Management

Jason Peal is Co-founder and Technical Manager of Brayson Management.

His original dream was to become an astronaut, until he started watching Jacque Cousteau and decided he wanted to be in the ocean. He learned to SCUBA dive and went to college to become a marine biologist. While at the University of Tampa, he switched majors to writing and minored in Marine biology. His education covered the sciences, literature, creative writing and poetry. He also took a course in writing for marketing and advertising where he learned to create story boards and write advertising copy, scripts, and articles.

After college he started work in technical support for a communications company called COVAD. He loves learning new things, and he learned new skills as the company evolved. It was at this company that he learned computer networking, web design, email, graphics design, and domain management.

He was an early adopter of social media, having started using it when it was made up of BBS boards. An avid writer, he wrote a popular blog on Live Journal for several years. Promoting it on the site and added daily content.

He created and managed a company website for COVAD that helped technical support agents resolve common customer issues and provide useful technical information.

He worked for a number of years in defense contracting as a technical writer, writing help files for the military, before leaving the contracting sector to work for an ecommerce site.

Using a combination of social media and a web presence, he was able to create and run an effective marketing strategy for the ecommerce site to promote its products. He also took over site management and redesigned it to look more modern. He created and ran the sites inventory.

The idea for Brayson Management happened when a friend was complaining about how expensive their web hosting was. “I can do that in five minutes for a quarter of the cost,” Jason said. The friend paused, looked at him, and said, “okay”. After creating the website , he added SEO, social media, and started a Google and Facebook advertising campaign for the company.

He believes in supporting open source software, honest business transactions and setting clear expectations for the customer.

He loves his wife, his pets, and his Mint box. In his time off he likes to write science fiction, read, and talk Openai through writing python programs for him.

Since that time, the company has worked worked with property investors, and service contractors. We can help any small business with quality lead generation through digital marketing.

Brandy Peal

Co founder Brayson Management

Brandy Peal Co founder Brayson Management

Brandy Peal is co owner of Brayson Management. She started her career in defense contracting certifying defense agency’s computer networks. Jason and her met while at a defense contractor working for the government. She left defense contracting to help with sales at the ecommerce site. While working for the site she was able to set up sales and used her social media skills to set up large sales that benefited the site and built a trusted customer base. She is chronically ill with a condition called gastroparesis and POTS. Both these conditions called severe fatigue, yet she is able to walk into a room like a spring flower.

Her sales and social media skills pair well with husband’s technical background allowing them to provide a unique and effective digital marketing experience.

She has since worked on a number of marketing projects and has an extensive background in Web Design and Facebook marketing.

She currently lives with her husband, two cats, and two weird little dogs. When she isn’t making websites, she likes to watch psychological thrillers and decorate.