Linkedin Services

Linkedin Services

Linkedin Services for Profile Optimization

Are you a business that markets itself to other businesses?

Linkedin is the social media platform to use right now when marketing to other businesses. Businesses and individuals can use the platform to advertise their services, build a following, post their content and gather leads.

Brayson Management uses Linkedin”s business page feature to create a custom page that is used to market your company through subscribers and content.

We create industry specific content for you and post regular updates to your page.

Brayson Management keeps you informed with monthly reports that show all of your profile’s stats, explains these stats, and include suggestions for improvements.

Need Help with your Linkedin Personal Profile?

We offer one on one training that shows how you can narrow in on a target audience, and use a combination of automation, the right content, and drip marketing to turn your profile into a constant source of warm sales leads.

We tell you which tools you need and we help you set them up.

We show you how to generate leads by just leaving your browser open.

Our services don’t end there. Brayson Management also specializes in optimizing personal Linkedin profiles to enhance your professional brand. Your Linkedin profile is often the first impression you make on potential business partners or employers, and it’s crucial that you put your best foot forward.

Here’s what we do to make your profile stand out:

  • Professional Headshot: We’ll help you choose or take a professional headshot that conveys credibility and approachability.
  • Compelling Summary: Crafting a summary that highlights your expertise and attracts the right audience.
  • Experience Section Revamp: We optimize your experience descriptions to showcase your skills and achievements in the best light.
  • Skill Endorsements: Advising on how to effectively gain endorsements to build trust and validate your expertise.
  • Recommendations: Guidance on how to request and receive powerful testimonials that provide social proof of your professional abilities.

With Brayson Management, your profile will not only reflect your professional worth but will also be optimized for search within Linkedin. This increases your visibility and opens up more opportunities for connections and leads.

Don’t let your Linkedin profile underperform. Contact Brayson Management today, and let’s turn your Linkedin into a powerful tool for your personal branding and business growth.