Marketing Case Studies

Our Marketing Case Studies are Success Stories

National Protective Services is a physical security company that works to protect local businesses with cameras and security guards. Brayson Management was able to redesign their site to work with search engines and generated traffic through social media and search engine advertising.

The result was an increase in traffic and an increase in social media subscribers. Brayson Management created a Google Mybusiness page and Search Console for NPS. This helped to increase local page rankings on Google, which helps search engine results.

Coralgasm was an eCommerce site dedicated to selling coral for saltwater aquariums. It was new and unable to generate online sales.

Brayson Management was able to run several promotions as well as redesign the site. Brayson Management administrated their Facebook account and ran a successful content marketing campaign. This resulted in a sales increase as well as increasing social media subscribers. Content marketing was particular effective at bringing in an audience and was the lowest cost option.

The large Facebook audience was used to leverage special offers and packages. This directly impacted sales and some deals were even made directly on Facebook.

Google ranking efforts were successful as increases in traffic and site optimizations helped search engines index the site. Brayson Management set the site up in Google Search Console and monitored traffic.

Brayson Management also took care of all administrative tasks for the site. This included adding and managing inventory. Protecting the site from maleware and ensuring that the site was backed up regularly.

Coralgasm was a successful site that was able to sell aquarium products directly from a farm to the consumer.

Don’t just read about success stories, be a success story. With very little time and money Brayson Management can increase your internet presence, which has a direct effect on your bottom line. It takes time to get results so it is never too early to start. An internet presence is an investment into your company’s future. Just like any investment it requires time and money. How much time it takes depends on how much money you are willing to invest. How much money it takes depends on how much time you have. For most businesses, it is a balance of the two.