Project Tag: Search Engine Results Pages

  • The Case for Digital Marketing Management

    The Case for Digital Marketing Management


    We had a potential client that was in the construction industry and ultimately decided that digital marketing was not worth the money. He didn’t market the company anywhere else but word of mouth. This worked, and in the beginning he found work fairly regularly with loyal clientele. This small group of customers were able to…

  • Put Your Business on the Map

    Put Your Business on the Map


    Your business likely has a either a physical location or a service area, but how is your customer going to find you? Well, if you have a physical location, you probably put up a big sign. Maybe that sign even lights up. If your company offers a service and doesn’t have a store front, you…

  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

    Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)


    SERP are the displayed results after a keyword is entered into a search engine. The search engine ranks the results by relevance, displays a short summary, and provides a link. Companies use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to help search engines find and display correctly in their search results. Snippets, Rich Snippets and Meta Tags…