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  • Brandy Peal: Co-Founder and Head of Sales

    Brandy Peal: Co-Founder and Head of Sales

    About Brandy Peal Co founder and manager, Brandy Peal has an extensive background as an Information Assurance Engineer, a Technical writer web designer , and social media manager. She started her career in the defense contracting world working in a classified computer lab before moving on to accredit weapon systems for the government. After completing…

  • Jason Peal

    Jason Peal

    Jason Peal Co-founder Brayson Management Jason Peal is Co-founder and Manager of Brayson Management. His professional experience as a technical writer and his background in social media have made him a good fit into the ever changing world of SEO, Web Sites, and Internet advertising. He started his career working in tech support for a…