Brandy Peal

Brandy Peal

Co Founder and Head of Sales Brandy Peal

Co founder and manager, Brandy Peal has an extensive background as an Information Assurance Engineer, a Technical writer web designer , and social media manager.

She started her career in the defense contracting world working in a classified computer lab before moving on to accredit weapon systems for the government.

After completing various projects for the government, she left the defense contracting world to co found Brayson Management.

She worked on a number of marketing projects and has an extensive background in Web Design, Google, and Facebook marketing. She also works extensively with Linkedin managing the leads we get from this platform.

She combines an exceptional technical background as well as an eye for detail and effective web design.

She led the sales effort for an E commerce site, which directly led to increased sales.

She led the effort to redesign a security site that resulted in providing them a modern, useful, website.

She leads the sales effort for Brayson Management and is also handling our referral efforts. She has an energy that people respond well too. She can explain complex topics in simple terms that customers love.

She also excels at networking, able to nurture leads until they become sales. Talking to leads across Linkedin, and Facebook.

She also leads the sales team, conveying the sales process, providing important business information, and coming up with and presenting sales pitches.

She currently lives with her husband, two cats, and a weird little dog. When she isn’t making websites, she likes to watch psychological thrillers and decorate.






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