Jason Peal

Jason Peal

Jason Peal Co-founder Brayson Management

Jason Peal Co-Founder Brayson Management

Jason Peal is Co-founder and Manager of Brayson Management. His professional experience as a technical writer and his background in social media have made him a good fit into the ever changing world of SEO, Web Sites, and Internet advertising.

He started his career working in tech support for a network provider, resolving dns, networking, software, and email issues. It was a fun job for him in that he loved solving the technical issues. The parts that were not fun were the bits that involved calming customers down enough to troubleshoot.

As a tech writer he wrote HTML and CSS based help files for the government. He found that HTML, CSS, and programming in general was just another form of writing. Websites are communication documents that communicate with the reader as well as the computer they are using.

Through working in Technical Support and Technical writing, he gained an appreciation of the fast learning environment of technology. The evolution of technology hasn’t stopped, which mean the learning has not stopped either.

He left defense contracting to run an eCommerce business site that sold aquarium products. Using a combination of social media and a web presence, he was able to create an effective marketing strategy for the company. Site traffic increased, and they were able to start selling product on the site.

It was after this business venture he would decide with his wife Brandy to open a Digital Marketing firm called Brayson Management. The name is a combination of both their names. The Bray in Brayson is for Brandy and the son is for Jason.

Running the business together has been both fun and challenging. Together they make an effective team, and they love working together.

He currently lives with his wife and a collection of small animals. He loves to write, create websites, and loves old Linux boxes. He is a big supporter of open source software. He uses open source programs for his business whenever possible. Open Source software helps people and communities connect in ways that is free of corporate and governmental control. It provides free software to everyone that is only limited by the user’s ability and imagination.


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