Brayson Engineering

Changing the Company Direction



Why are we Changing the Company Direction?

My wife and I started Brayson Management about ten years ago as a full scale digital marketing company. Before that, we had careers in tech support and technical writing. We actually met at work as defense contractors working in a Naval Lab.

We got into digital marketing when my dad started an eCommerce site that sold coral. He needed someone to run and market the website. He also wanted that person to work for free.

We learned a lot doing that work, using skills like web development, marketing, and sales.

We are different from most digital marketers in that most of our competitors come from a sales background. You can’t send them a specification document and expect them to understand it and make marketing content with it.

You can do that with Brayson Management. Send us your technical engineering documents, and we will do the research and ask questions. We have a lot of experience simplifying the complicated.

With this knowledge, we can leverage your LinkedIn presence to your audience and present them engaging content. We can even walk you through optimizing your profile and anyone in your office so that it benefits your business. Their connections become your company’s connections, and everyone benefits.

While Brayson Management can provide quality service to anyone, we are going to focus on our engineering clients. This is because we can provide them better content marketing than anyone else. We can also provide a full range of services, but we are going to focus on providing a LinkedIn solution for businesses, because this solution provides the most benefit to this type of company.

The solutions we use have been tested and work. They brings quality leads for your sales team. Check out the business pages that we manage and you can see the results for yourself.