Helping LinkedIn Clients

How we are helping LinkedIn clients?

It starts with listening.

We want to know all about your business so that we can create a marketing plan that works for you.

We have created a document called the Client Road Map. The first few pages is a survey that helps us target your ideal client. We cater to your communication style. Do you want to answer questions about your business over a video call? No problem. Do you want to write out your answers and send them to us? We can do that too.

Next we create a plan.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that specializes in business connections. It’s not as effective as some other platforms for connecting to the general pubic. It is the best tool for making connections to businesses.

MBH Stafford is a title company. Kathy Tate hired us to create their business page. This gave her a low cost way to generate leads and referral opportunities without having to take time away from running the business. She got a monthly report that provided growth statistics, recommendations, and a list of warm leads to contact. With this, she was able to grow out her client base.

Our real estate agent and brokers are able to use LinkedIn for referrals. They do this by making connections with agents in places outside of their area. These agents make great referrals for people that are moving into the area. It is an easy relationship to setup because both parties benefit from the connection. Their searches, content marketing, and invitations are all taken care of so they can concentrate on making profitable connections

One of our engineering clients, Afterburner Wind Tunnel Services, needed connections with both engineers that use wind tunnels for testing and the people that run the wind tunnel. Targeting through sales navigator helped them find both and the invitation and content marketing campaign helped them find interested clients.

Unlike most digital marketers, we have a background in technical writing. This means we can create content marketing materials out of complex subject matter without needing constant explanations from the client. We want to save you time not make you tell us long explanations about the engineering documents you gave us.

Our strategy includes a thorough understanding of business requirements via the Client Road Map and adapting communication styles to suit different needs. We focus on creating effective marketing plans, setting up LinkedIn business pages for lead generation, and using tools like the sales navigator to foster professional connections. We also provide technical writing services to simplify complex information, ensuring clear and effective communication in marketing efforts.