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  • Helping LinkedIn Clients

    Helping LinkedIn Clients

    How we are helping LinkedIn clients? It starts with listening. We want to know all about your business so that we can create a marketing plan that works for you. We have created a document called the Client Road Map. The first few pages is a survey that helps us target your ideal client. We…

  • Changing the Company Direction

    Changing the Company Direction



    Why are we Changing the Company Direction? My wife and I started Brayson Management about ten years ago as a full scale digital marketing company. Before that, we had careers in tech support and technical writing. We actually met at work as defense contractors working in a Naval Lab. We got into digital marketing when…

  • Brand Management for Small Business

    Brand Management for Small Business

    Brand Management Explained We were at a discount close out store the other day, when I discovered that they had a graphics novel section. I had been told to wait by the bathroom, but the round black, red, and white little Deadpool logo on a large book kept calling me over, until I was knee…

  • Is is Time For Content Marketing?

    Is is Time For Content Marketing?

    When is a Good Time to Start Your Content Marketing? Is it after you make your Branding Plan? Is it after you talk with your Business Coach? Maybe you should start when you get enough of an audience? Should you wait until your content is perfect? Right Now The time to start your Content Marketing…

  • Content Marketing for Small Business

    Content Marketing for Small Business

    What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that businesses use to find relevant audiences, build trust, and increase sales. This is done by providing relevant content that is informative and entertaining. This marketing strategy differs from advertising in that it communicates more than just the company message. It offers something of value.…

  • Is Your Domain Overlooked and Underused?

    Is Your Domain Overlooked and Underused?



    What is a Domain? The internet is a technological landscape of many different parts that come together in a way that is so seamless, most people take it for granted. These parts all work in the background to provide your internet experience. Most of the internet is made up of web pages that you access…

  • LinkedIn Group Guide

    LinkedIn Group Guide

    Linkedin Groups Grow Through Members Linkedin is social media for business. It’s organized in much the same way as Facebook. Here we will go over some key points of Linkedin and how group members can increase group effectiveness. Linkedin Group Basics Connections are what make Linkedin work. There are multiple ways to build connections. Here…

  • Another Marketing scam?

    Another Marketing scam?

    Can You Spot the Marketing Scam A video ad popped up in my Facebook feed for Digital Marketing Services. These are great opportunities for me to learn what other companies are doing, and it was a good video. It had a young woman trying to get help with small business marketing and the frustration she…

  • The Case for Digital Management

    The Case for Digital Management

    Truck Wraps are nice but Digital Management is the Future We had a potential client that was in the construction industry and ultimately decided that digital marketing was not worth the money. He didn’t market the company anywhere else but word of mouth. This worked, and in the beginning he found work fairly regularly with…

  • Sell More with eCommerce

    Sell More with eCommerce

    Setup your eCommerce Store Almost any business can benefit from an eCommerce site these days, yet few take advantage of it. A good website can create an additional source of revenue. It can streamline your customer service. It can sell products. It can allow customers to design their own products. It can handle subscriptions, tickets,…