How Sales Automation can Help your Business

Get More Done With Sales Automation

Are you using automation effectively for your business?

One of the clients that we encounter frequently is one that is in the position where they are so busy that they couldn’t possibly take on anymore work. The response is that they don’t need any marketing, because what would they do with the extra business?

You might think that we can’t help this person, and you would not be alone. The person we are talking to thinks the same thing. They are so busy and have been doing things a certain way for such a long time that they miss opportunities to automate certain tasks they do every day. You may have more time than you sometimes realize.

Employees are not a reliable source to tell you that parts of their job could be automated or made more efficient. Their job security relies on the hours they spend doing something, and showing you that they are doing something.

As a small business ourselves, we know the power of automation. We can help your business utilize the same automation tools that we use that save time, reduce mistakes, and save labor costs. Free up time for yourself and your employees to do the important tasks, and automate everything else.

We offer custom websites with the ability to automate many common tasks that businesses spend time on. A tasks that takes five minutes a day is one that eats up 25 minutes of your week or an hour and 25 minutes of your month. How many five minute tasks do you have? How much time would you save if your didn’t have to do it?

Our websites are configurable to your business process.

  • Calendar plugins so your clients can schedule meetings without having to call
  • CRM systems that allow you to track clients, send quotes, and send invoices
  • Automated emails to keep customers informed of the next step
  • Payment systems that allow clients to pay on your site
  • Booking systems that allow customers to schedule and pay for appointments on your site so you don’t have too
  • Design plugins that allow customers to design their own products
  • Contact forms that are designed to provide the information that you need

Marketing is an investment into your business’s future. Small investments in digital marketing can have a big impact over time and helps secure your customer base. The time to do this is not when your business is slow, but when you have the money to spend on these investments. While we are creating and executing a marketing plan, we can add automation to your sales process, saving you time, and increasing your income.

We offer a Free assessment that looks at your current business needs and shows where changes could be made to improve both your digital marketing and your sales automation. We present this to you and provide documentation for you to refer to later. It’s useful for your business whether you decide to go with us or not.