Facebook or Meta ?

That’s so Meta or the new Facebook


Have you heard of the company Alphabet? I will give you a few hints. The company was named as a parent company of something you have heard of in 2015.

Have you heard of Google? Alphabet is the name of the parent company of Google. If you are just hearing about this, you are not alone.

Facebook is changing it’s name to Meta. This is to line itself up with the company vision of what social media will be in the near future. This future is being called the Metaverse, which uses virtual reality to connect people to all sorts of digital environments.

Facebook will still be the name of the application everyone uses, but it will be just another app in the Metaverse.

So how does this effect you or me? Currently, VR technology is not at a place that could support a Metaverse. Currently, there is also no Metaverse, and Facebook is in the hiring stages to create it.

It does show how Facebook, I mean Meta, is investing in it’s future. I can see virtual events being used in many creative ways to do things like trade shows, concerts, conventions, and company meetings.

It will be interesting to see where Meta goes with this or if the name will stick the way Alphabet did. Facebook has been steadily adding services to the platform with everything from a full marketplace, to Live video, and a promotional center. Facebook has even talked about starting it’s own cryptocurrency.

Virtual Reality is a logical next step for Meta, and the name change does show a fundamental ideological shift for the company moving forward.