Digital Marketing Audits


Digital Marketing Audits are frequent reviews of your company’s internet presence and advertising.

Most businesses know they should cut the grass, because they know people will not enter a store that looks abandoned. Websites and social media rarely get the same kind of attention, but the premise is the same. People use cell phones to search for what they want. Results with outdated contact information or that doesn’t display correctly will look the same as a dirty storefront to your customer.

Digital Marketing Audits are used to ensure that all internet assets and strategies are working for your business and that you have a clean and professional looking storefront.

It isn’t something that you do once, in the same way that you wouldn’t cut the grass and clean the windows on your storefront once. Things change over time and Digital Marketing Audits ensure that your Businesses’ internet assets change with them.

A quick Google search will show many examples of Digital Marketing Audits. Many of these examples may be helpful, but it is important that the audit is not out of date. Looking at a variety and staying updated with search engine and social media policies really helps in creating an effective Audit.