Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Small Business

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that businesses use to find relevant audiences, build trust, and increase sales. This is done by providing relevant content that is informative and entertaining. This marketing strategy differs from advertising in that it communicates more than just the company message. It offers something of value.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Formats


Video is a great format for content marketing because people are very responsive to visual cues. An entertaining video with a captivating thumbnail can get clicks. Clicks lead to subscribers. Subscribers lead to conversions.


Print marketing involves articles, blogs, and pages. It seems like the world’s attention span is getting shorter and more people complain about having to read. This is why short titles and descriptions are important. Print media is how search engines find you. Print media is also the easiest “technically” to produce. as most people have the required software already installed.


Graphics in content marketing are used to introduce your branding and your content. Messages are short, emotional, and relevant to the content.

Examples of Great Content Marketing




Content Marketing

How to Create Content Marketing


Your first step is creating a persona of your ideal customer. A persona is a sort of thought experiment on the average traits of your ideal customer. Imagine being able to melt them down, mix them together, and get an average of what they are all like in one person.

Marketing Funnel

You can use this persona to determine things like your ideal marketing channels, your branding, and your brand voice.


Make it interesting. Content that appeals to an emotional message rather than a logical one has the greatest impact. Entertainment has value in that it creates subscribers, conversions, and repeat views. Don’t forget that you are writing for your persona and they are your target audience.

Post often. Posting drives traffic to the channel you are using each time you do it. As you create a body of work, creating content becomes easier. This is because you can combine, edit, and re-post content as it increases. Posting on a regular schedule increases subscribers. It helps with your ranking as it drives traffic to your platform.

Use SEO on website posts and pages so that search engines index them properly.

Combine content, combining content, by adding links for more information drives traffic to other pages on your site, increasing the ranking of your content and providing additional opportunities for conversions.

Marketing Channels

Where you post your content marketing largely depends on where your persona spends their free time. Are they on Facebook? Do they use Instagram to check on their kids? Are they watching fishing videos on YouTube? Or are they watching haunted places on Tik Tok. Maybe they are searching for Chinese resteraunt near me.

Marketing Format

The format you choose is dependent on your marketing channel. Instagram is great for pictures but does not have the video controls that tik tok has. Facebook allows long text with photos. Google My-business does not allow videos to be posted. In some cases you can post the same content across multiple channels.


Branding refers to things like document font’s, colors, logos, and tone. It’s important because you are trying to build a brand identity in your audience’s head. Branding is largely done based on your customer’s persona. It is the glue that ties all of your content together. All of your content is different but it has the same look because of branding.