Making Marketing Easier

Why is Content Marketing Undervalued ?

Because Content Marketing is Hard.

Writing in conversational American English is not easy to outsource at the moment; and AI computers, at the moment, are easy to spot and make generic boring content.

Finding content creators to make interesting content is generally expensive, and the benefits from content marketing takes time. An audience may have to grow to a considerable size, before it will start to attract actual sales leads.

Marketing Agencies know this, yet most of them run a content marketing campaign, even if they don’t offer it to their clients. This is because content marketing works and gains value over time. Relevant content works for your company long after you have paid for it with increased traffic and followers. It does this by continually attracting traffic, either through search engine results or through social media posts. Most content can be cross posted across many platforms, allowing for one investment to used across multiple channels.

Once enough content has been created, a certain amount of old content can be re-posted or recombined to create new content. This content doesn’t take the time the original took to produce and comes at a reduced cost with better results than the original.

There are many people that do not do well with this delayed gratification. It makes sense. Marketing costs your business money, and you want to see results.

Results from content marketing take time, but there are still numbers that indicate improvement rather quickly.

Most platforms show these numbers, and effective marketing can increase these numbers tremendously in a small amount of time. As your social media accounts and web traffic grow, the amount of investment needed to keep this growth should become less as interesting content will grow on its own over time.

As these numbers grow, so will sales conversions, which is the number you really care about. Sales can be put into marketing budgets, which grow into more sales.