Improve Your Businesses Google Ranking

How Google Ranking Works

  1. Create a SEO Optimized Website
  2. Create Search Engine Marketing accounts
  3. Create relevant social media accounts
  4. Profit

It’s not like getting it listed in that ancient book that some kid used to throw on your driveway. I would always forget to bring the phone book in, and it would turn into a wet mushy yellow lump, before I would toss it out.

This makes things more complicated for small business but easier for your customers. All they have to do is search for whatever they want on their phone and the companies that are setup in their systems will appear, complete with directions, reviews, and website links.

Would you like to be one of those companies?

If someone already knows the name of your company, it is very easy for them to find you in Google. It takes minimal effort from a marketing company to get your company listed on Google in this way. Customers that do not know your company are unlikely to find you by company name, unless your company is named Plumber Near Me. They might search for HVAC near me or plumbers in Spotsylvania. My customers are probably searching for online marketing in Fredericksburg or advertising in Spotsylvania.

Everyone wants their business to be the first listed in Google. It’s easy, just generate lots of traffic from many different sources to a website that is optimized for search engines to index its content. Create social media accounts and get people to subscribe. Oh and manage your business on search engines to ensure the information listed is complete and accurate.

It’s all so easy right?

No, it is not easy, but it’s not impossible. Every social media page, even the largest, started out with nothing. Well, some of them had a giant pot of money behind them, but they still didn’t have any subscribers in the beginning.

If you happen to be in possession of a large pot of money, your most important worry is how you are going to spend it.

You don’t want to spend it all on the digital marketing company. You want the money going where it will generate the most revenue. You want the money in your advertising budget.

At Brayson we understand this, which is why we do not charge extra to scale your budget. A five thousand dollar ad costs as much as a fifty dollar one. The costs come directly from your account, and you have total control over the budget.

If you are not in possession of a large pot of money, we can still help. The “A Little Help” package is rather affordable and we offer a social media page and an advertising account. You can spend as little as five dollars a day to grow your Facebook.

Whether you have a large pot of money or a small one, you want to invest your money into growth. The number of subscribers determines your reach with each post. Your reach determines engagements, your engagements creates leads. Leads create sales.

Getting “listed” on the internet is easy. It’s getting noticed that takes some work.