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What is a Good Marketing Agency Price

A Good Marketing Agency Price for Services

The short answer is it depends. It depends on the marketing agency, and it depends on the the current marketing conditions.

At Brayson Management, we do not charge for results. Results are what you have paid for. We do not charge based on advertising budgets. We charge for the work we do, so this question doesn’t really apply. The labor required to get a thousand visitors might not be as much labor as it is for another company to get a hundred. If your company has a large social media following, using this to increase web traffic should be inexpensive, when compared to a company without a large social media following.

Also, you aren’t really interested in traffic are you? You are probably more interested in actual sales.

So a good question might be “How much revenue is generated out of every 1000 site visitors?

With these two numbers, you can calculate your current return on your investment.

Your return should get higher overtime as increases in social media presence and web traffic drive down your advertising costs for the same amount of exposure. This means that the same money invested over time will get you more value. This is one reason why we don’t charge based on your advertising budget. If we did, we would get in the way of your success. Put that money back in your budget and keep running ads. This will build success over time, and we want you to be successful.

We had a client who had been using a marketing company that charged them for site traffic. They were getting a lot of traffic on their website that was not customer related. A lot of the traffic was from people looking for work. They had an entirely different website just for people to fill out job applications, because they didn’t want to pay the marketing company for the extra traffic. I won’t name this company. It’s the same company that used to throw yellow books at the end of my driveway. She came to us, because their budget at the other marketing company had not been producing anything.

We don’t charge for site traffic, so she saved money with lower monthly management fees. She also didn’t need her extra website. The job search traffic was a good thing, because it helped her overall rankings on search engines. It was also much easier for her to scale her budget, because she knew what her costs were going to be. It’s crazy to charge her for all the initial work of gaining site traffic, only to charge her again when the site traffic comes in.

Your advertising budget leads to more traffic, more traffic leads to sales, and we are not getting in the way of that.