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  • Small Business Brand Management

    Small Business Brand Management


    Brand Management Explained We were at a discount close out store the other day, when I discovered that they had a graphics novel section. I had been told to wait by the bathroom, but the round black, red, and white little Deadpool logo on a large book kept calling me over, until I was knee…

  • Does Online Advertising even work? Are the ads worth the money?

    Does Online Advertising even work? Are the ads worth the money?


    Does Online Advertising even work? Are the ads worth the money? Yes….. ? Should I post my collection of goofy t-shirts as proof? Oh, you want an explanation. Digital Marketing companies use many confusing words, talk rather rapidly, and move on to something shiny when asked this question, because it can be difficult to answer.…

  • The Case for Digital Marketing Management

    The Case for Digital Marketing Management


    We had a potential client that was in the construction industry and ultimately decided that digital marketing was not worth the money. He didn’t market the company anywhere else but word of mouth. This worked, and in the beginning he found work fairly regularly with loyal clientele. This small group of customers were able to…

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing


    Marketing Leads Marketing Leads are a company’s potential customers. How does your business get its customers? Do you have a sign? Do you give people a business card? Do you make posts on local Facebook Communities. These are all examples of Lead Generation. Lead Generation is what companies do to increase or maintain sales and…

  • Tracking Pixels

    Tracking Pixels


    Did you know you are being watched? Every internet search and every website you visit is being tracked, studied, and tabulated on a graph somewhere. What you click on and what you clicked on before you clicked is recorded. It’s a little creepy, but it’s not you they are interested in. They are much more…

  • Put Your Business on the Map

    Put Your Business on the Map


    Your business likely has a either a physical location or a service area, but how is your customer going to find you? Well, if you have a physical location, you probably put up a big sign. Maybe that sign even lights up. If your company offers a service and doesn’t have a store front, you…

  • Digital Marketing Audits


    Digital Marketing Audits are frequent reviews of your company’s internet presence and advertising.

  • That’s so Meta or the new Facebook

    That’s so Meta or the new Facebook


    Have you heard of the company Alphabet? I will give you a few hints. The company was named as a parent company of something you have heard of in 2015. Have you heard of Google? Alphabet is the name of the parent company of Google. If you are just hearing about this, you are not…

  • The Apple, the Facebook, and the IDFA

    The Apple, the Facebook, and the IDFA


    Apple has made some changes lately that has rattled the Digital Marketing industry, and the news ranges from the sky is falling to Apple is protecting user privacy. But what did Apple do? Will it effect you? How has digital advertising changed after the policy came into effect? It’s been something that has not only…

  • Reputation Management

    Reputation Management


    The internet is a powerhouse for word of mouth communication. This can be both good and bad for your business. Negative reviews can last long after whatever issue caused them are resolved and can turn customers away, before they even talk to you. Reputation Management involves managing the perception of your business to the general…