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Almost any business can benefit from an eCommerce site these days, yet few take advantage of it. A good website can create an additional source of revenue. It can streamline your customer service. It can sell products. It can allow customers to design their own products. It can handle subscriptions, tickets, and can be a great promotion tool for both the website and your brick and mortar business. The possibilities are endless.

So how do you start an eCommerce site? The short answer is that it depends on your business. There are a couple of approaches and each has it’s advantages and limitations.

You can go with an eCommerce platform. This is the quickest, easiest, and least expensive. There are many different companies that run eCommerce platforms, the most well known is probably Shopify. These companies work by providing everything for you, and you just have to point and click for most setups. This simplicity has some limitations. You are stuck with whatever the platforms offers, and this makes your site much less flexible. It’s impossible to add any new features that the platform has not developed. This limits what new features can run on the, which could effect your site’s ranking. These platforms can get expensive when you add up the additional services they require to get the features you need.

You can hire a developer to build your site from scratch. This has the advantage of building a custom site that suites your needs. The developer can code the site to current SEO standards and ensure it is fast. This solution is the most expensive and requires continued support from the developer, or the code will go out of date. Out of date code can have vulnerabilities that if left unpatched can lead to hacked sites or a site with maleware. If you change your mind, their is little chance of using the code you paid for in the next solution.

Both of these options are great if you are either a large company able to hire a full time software developer or a small company that needs a quick eCommerce store.

There is a middle option that provides more flexibility that an eCommerce platform for a price that is cheaper than hiring a developer. Using a Content Management System like WordPress to run your eCommerce site, lets you choose between a variety of plugins and themes without needing to write code. It provides a quick solution to creating a digital store, while allowing you to install custom code and storefronts.

We find that many small businesses that could benefit the most from an eCommerce solution never do it. There are a lot of reasons for this; the biggest being not enough time. A lot of this is still complicated and most people can’t devote the time to learn what they need to know and create a website from what they learned.

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