Making Beautiful Reputations

Businesses Need Reputation Management

How Reputation Management Works

Ever had to save face? Saving face means you avoid that thing we all hate, public embarrassment. Your business has a face too, and it’s likely tied to what people think of you. How much is that worth? It costs nothing to ruin it.

Have you ever gotten upset with a company and written a bad review on their Facebook, yelp, google, or profile?

But you run a good company and no one will ever have any complaints.

We live in a world where everyone complains and it doesn’t take much to set them off. Competition will also write bad reviews to take away your business. Anyone can write anything and post it anywhere.

To protect your businesses reputation you need to monitor it. You need to know when someone is saying something negative as early as possible. The longer the comment sits, the more people see it, and take it at face value. Doing regular google searches on your company, belonging to groups in your business area, and checking review sites, are all great ways to monitor your business name.

You also need to decide on a response, and it won’t be the first one you think of. People naturally get angry when someone publicly calls them out. The angry response, even if justified, is not the right one. There are legal considerations, because whatever you put in writing becomes part of the public record and can be used in court. Think about how you would explain what you wrote in a court of law.

If the review is fraudulent, you can appeal to get the review removed. If it is a customer service issue, you can resolve it with the possibility of getting your customer to edit the review.

Approach the problem with an open mind. Your customer has their own perspective, whether you agree with it or not. Try to find some common ground. Resolving a problem rather than fighting will have a better outcome.

If you ever need help managing your reputation, we are here to help.