Digital Management

The Case for Digital Management

Truck Wraps are nice but Digital Management is the Future

We had a potential client that was in the construction industry and ultimately decided that digital marketing was not worth the money. He didn’t market the company anywhere else but word of mouth. This worked, and in the beginning he found work fairly regularly with loyal clientele. This small group of customers were able to provide him with steady work for a short period of time, but it became sporadic. He would find work and be so busy that he wouldn’t have time for anything else. He would finish this work and then there would be a time where he was doing nothing. When he was busy, he would complain that he did not have enough help. When he was not doing anything, he would complain that he was not getting enough work and couldn’t hire anyone. His business ran in a kind of circle where he would find the work, do the work, and find the work again. He always seemed one step behind himself in getting the steady work that wanted.

Some people get in the way of their own success, and I was never able to convince him why we could solve this problem for him.

If this sounds like you, let me give it another try right now. To break this cycle, you are going to have to do something different. You are going to have to use some digital tools to build internet lead generators. But it takes time, experience, and knowledge to set this up. You can only wear so many hats in a day, and the digital marketing hat is one you should hire.

One reason is that we are working while you are working. For a small investment, you can save time and have us handle all the work for you. This means you can spend your time running your business instead of using it to create forgotten websites and social media pages.

We will setup a social media page with an advertising campaign. This will provide your business with an internet presence and a method of bringing traffic to that page. This simple setup will help bring customers to you, while you run your business. You might even get enough steady work to hire that extra person. With a little more of an investment, we can handle all of your internet services to provide professional domain email that you control and looks professional to your clients. We can provide a state of the art website that is optimized for your customers to find it. We can ensure your business is well connected to search engines so your clients find you.

All of this work helps in a few ways. It provides a kind of digital sign post that allows your customers to find you on their tablets, cell phones, and computers; and it provides you a low cost and active way to reach your customers. It’s a great way to grow your business and much cheaper than traditional marketing.