Secret Algorithm

Algorithm Secret Snake Oil

How to find the Algorithm Secret Snake Oil

There will always be someone willing to tell you what you want to hear for money. In digital marketing, the snake oil salesmen usually talks about the algorithm. Usually, they are selling some way to get around having to pay for it.

So what is an algorithm and what does it do? An algorithm is a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a problem or accomplish a task. The instructions that come with an IKEA credenza is a kind of algorithm.

An algorithm must always produce the same result, given the same input. The instructions to put together an IKEA credenza should not occasionally produce velociraptors.

An algorithm must be able to terminate, or come to an end, after a finite number of steps. Imagine the terror of a world where IKEA instructions go on forever, producing an infinite number of tasks without ever creating a credenza, and you can understand why it needs an end result.

In digital marketing, we worry about computer algorithms that do things like rank webpages and advertising, determine audiences, and present information. Its inner workings are company secrets, but how to use it is not. Digital advertisers want you to know how to use their product. They have entire tutorials that are updated at the same time as their policies and features.

It is also something that you need a budget for, as these platforms reward those that pay for advertising with more traffic that leads to more sales.

It’s not magic or a secret you need to learn from a guy that sells tickets to see him onstage. Consistent quality gets results. Following proper instructions gets results.

Learn from the tutorials and create engaging content. The algorithm will take care of itself based on your inputs.