Brand Management

What kind of advertising generates awareness?

Brand Awareness Messaging

Brand Awareness is a term that describes the number of people that have heard of your business and remember something about it.

It’s often the first goal of a marketing campaign when starting out with a new client. The idea is to communicate a short simple message that will tell your potential customer about your product or service. This message is often not enough to get a customer to start the sales process, but is enough to let them know that you exist and that you can provide something they want.

Digital Marketing uses several methods to increase brand awareness. Social media, search engine, and website marketing are all of methods of generating brand awareness. There are a variety of platforms with unique technologies and methods. Most involve creative use of video, graphics, and writing to show a quick message to a potential customer.

The goal of brand awareness is to create brand interest, so potential customers will move on to the research stage, which is where social media and websites become the focus.

Brand Awareness can be measured in a number of ways. Reach are the number of people that have seen your message. Impressions are the number of time your message was viewed, and Frequency are the number of times your message was seen for the first time by someone. Conversions refer to the number of times your message was able to influence customer behavior in some way, such as subscribing to your page or filling out a contact form.

These numbers are used to show how well your brand is represented over various digital marketing channels. Typically these are the first indicators of a brand’s health, because they focus on how widely your message is being received.

Brand Awareness is often increased through advertising, subscriptions, digital marketing, and re-targeting. These are low cost ways for using digital marketing to increase brand awareness and can be very effective. Brayson Management can help your business develop a winning digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing strategies must be built around your business, so a one size fits all approach is not enough. It starts with research into who your customers are and what they want. We then create advertising that shows this message in a clear concise manner across a number of channels. These campaigns build awareness over time with a small investment and some effort and are an important part of an overall marketing stratagedy.