Website Algorithm

Does each website have an algorithm?



What is a Computer Algorithm?

People talk about algorithms like they are a mystical code embedded in the internet. Algorithms are just sets of instructions for a computer to follow and are used by search engines to determine what results to show when a user searches for keywords. Search Engines use algorithms to rank data from websites in order to display the most helpful information.

Google uses algorithms to rank websites on it’s search engine results. You would think they use magic the way some marketing companies present their services. Google actually has good documentation describing what they want and they provide free tools to test your website.

It’s less magic and more boring reading and site testing. The magic comes later when your site starts ranking and people are able to find your services. The non-magic part comes first and involves things like;

  • Creating a Google search console account
  • Creating a XML site list
  • Research keywords and include them effectively in your content
  • Submit the XML site list to the search console
  • ‘Run the PageSpeed Insights and fix any issues
  • Use Social media and content marketing together to increase back-link traffic.
  • Use Meta data to introduce your page.
  • Use Snippets to display various categories

You want to make it as easy as possible for Google’s algorithm to index your content and display it correctly. Not doing any of this, usually means a site that sits several pages back from the coveted first page results. All of this work is what marketing companies call Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it’s important when you want your company to appear at the top of the search results when users type in keywords related to your service or product.

Websites provide the code that informs the algorithm what content type is being displayed, provide relevant keywords, and proves the validity of the content by having various independent sources link to it. With constant updates and site traffic, the website will grow in the Google ranking system and enter first page results.

Content Marketing is a great way to increase traffic, updates, and back links to your website, which also contributes to website ranking. It also provides a source of keywords through relevant articles.

If you combine all of this with a robust advertising campaign, you will have a website that shows up when your customers are looking for your products or service.

All this is enough information to get you started. Brayson Managment provides all these services and can help you come up with a good marketing strategy. Our free Digital Marketing Effectiveness Assessment shows where your business needs help and provides tips you can use to increase the effectiveness of your business digital presence.