Web Marketing Package

Our Web Marketing Package:

A Little More Help

  • This package adds the option of a quality website to help businesses that already have a strong social media presence.
  • Keep your existing customers coming back, introduce new products and services, while reaching new ones, and generate leads through social media and advertising.
  • Show off your products and services to a wider audience 24/7, using one of our many digital advertising platforms.
  • Save time; Let us find the problems before they happen with our comprehensive audits. We review everything, providing you with solutions you can use and data to track your progress.
  • Already have a social media presence? With this package you have the option to instead help customers find you through Brayson Management’s fast, secure, search engine optimized, website.
  • Two digital marketing campaigns to reach customers, and build brand awareness.
  • We are fully scaleable. As your business grows, we are ready to increase that growth with additional services.
  • Do less work as we find ways to automate common, repetitive, boring. tasks

A Little More Help Provides

  • Website and Social Media audit
    • We review both your website and social media to see how effective they are at presenting your message
  • We provide website and social media management by providing you updates on the latest technologies, social media trends, and search engine requirements.
  • Two advertising campaigns on the platform of choice. These campaigns can increase your traffic to your website, push your message across social media, or encourage conversions.
  • Website or Social Media Account Creation
    • Get a quality SEO website and control how your message is displayed across search engines. Collect leads directly on your site with advanced contact forms.
    • Spread your message, collect leads across social media with a quality Brayson Management designed social media business page.
  • We provide monthly reports that track your progress, provide detailed data, and present solutions for continued growth.