National Protective Services Case Study

National Protective Services Digital Marketing Review

National Protective Serivices (NPS) is a local security company that provides cameras, security guards, and surveillance for small businesses and apartment complexes. They are a family owned company that does great work in the area.

Brayson Management provided web, email, and social media hosting for NPS.

Interest started when NPS had a website run by another provider that was not indexing properly on Google. It also did not have mobile support. They also had a Facebook account that needed to be managed. They needed email hosting as well.

Brayson Management created a private web page and presented it to NPS. When NPS was happy with the results. Brayson Management handled the domain, web, and email transfer for the client. The result was a smooth migration with no down time, and no data loss.

The new website Brayson created was SEO and mobile optimized. Google was able to index it properly.

Brayson created a NPS Google Business page as well as registering them in Google Maps.

Brayson used both a search engine and social media marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the site and to increase Facebook membership.

The result was an increase in search engine and social media ranking that NPS could use to increase sales leads.

Overall, NPS was able to get a quality website for much less money in developer costs and hosting fees. With the money they saved, they were able to budget both a social media and Google advertising campaign.

The Google advertising campaign focused on local awareness and traffic. This was successful in that NPS was listed correctly on Google. Contact forms on the site were created to convert the traffic to leads.

Facebook advertising campaigns were created to increase the business page subscribers on their Facebook business page. This was also successful in that NPS was able to increase their subscribers to substantial numbers.