Digital Marketing Portfolio

Digital Marketing Portfolio of Small Businesses

Brayson Management has worked with many types of businesses to help spread their message, helping them retain old customers and make new ones.

Using various technologies in unison, we have developed a system that can be customized for most small businesses. Our system is fully scalable, meaning you can start out small and add services as you grow to increase that growth. Browse through the examples below to see how we have helped businesses like yours succeed.

Brandy’s Homes is a domain dedicated to selling private property. Frustrated with the lack of sales, Brayson was asked by property owners to create a website, social media profiles, and search engine marketing campaigns for a group of properties owned in Florida.

A SEO optimized website was created to present properties in the area that they were in. A social media business profile was created to push traffic to the site and bring awareness to each property. Google advertising is used to push each listing on the site locally to each property.

The site is open to all real estate agents and sellers as a way for them to list their properties to the general public. It is a low cost way to use digital marketing to find your buyers directly without waiting for them to find you on the MLS.

Dick’s Do It All was a Class C contracting company that did small jobs for home owners and landlords. It was new and needed a website and a social media account. Brayson Management was able to do both and generate sales.

National Protective Services is a physical security company that works to protect local businesses with cameras and security guards. Brayson Management was able to redesign their site to work with search engines and generated traffic through social media and search engine advertising.

Coralgasm was an eCommerce site dedicated to selling coral for saltwater aquariums. It was new and unable to generate online sales. Brayson Management was able to run several promotions as well as redesign the site.