eCommerce Website Case Study

Coralgasm eCommerce Website was an E commerce site that sold salt water aquarium products. Most of their products were saltwater Coral. They were having problems getting sales and traffic despite their best efforts over the year.

Brayson management administrated the site, managed the inventory, and handled all marketing. Sales started at 0 and increased to $10,000.00 during the first six months.

Brayson Management was tasked with managing an existing website that was created using an eCommerce services called Volusion.

Brayson Management administrated the company’s Facebook page and used it to drive revenue. “Like” numbers doubled every month and the number of sales conversions doubled every three.

Brayson Management worked within the E commerce site to set all relevant key words. Brayson used Google search console to ensure the site was properly indexed. Website traffic increased due to relevant search data , which drove sales conversions.

Brayson worked with various sites and groups in an awareness campaign that gained sales conversions with no advertising budget. We also answered questions and ensured the overall online view of the company was positive.

Brayson Management worked on both Google and Facebook advertising platforms to drive site traffic and to drive subscribers. This worked to increase sales conversions on the site as customers began to recognize the value and variety that was available on the website.

Aquarium Advertising Concept Video

Brayson Management supported Coralgasms Aquarium shows, using marketing data collected during the show to further target potential customers once everyone went home. Brayson Management also ran a successful Facebook membership drive by offering a discount to each person that subscribed during the show.