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How our free digital marketing effectiveness report works

In just two half hour Zoom meetings, our free Customer Effectiveness Assessment provides a basic informative look at your current internet presence and how well it works at promoting your business. It starts with a meeting where we ask you questions about your business, your goals for it; and what your customers are like. Using state of the art tools and the latest information, we create a comprehensive report. We meet with you again and present the report, answering any questions you may have.

In this report, we analyze every aspect of your current internet presence, including your social media presence, websites ranking, search engine optimization effectiveness, search engine result analysis, and how effective your keyword usage is on your website pages and posts.

We also recommend tools that helps you save time by automating your business process. We can show you additional revenue sources with our ecommerce site services.

Your digital presence is worth two half hour meetings over Zoom. Technology is changing and what worked yesterday doesn’t always work today. Even scarier, old websites attract hackers and maleware that can hijack your site, altering its content, and spreading viruses through your business name. This can damage your reputation and could have legal consequences. We check all this for you and point out any vulnerabilities that could destroy your investment.

We also do a competitive analysis to see how you measure up to your competitors. We look at the keywords they are using and how their site rank compares to yours.

We offer clear solutions with upfront pricing in an easy to read report. You keep this report for taking time out of your day to meet with us. Even if you don’t hire us, you can use this report to guide you to either make your own improvements or shop around. Our pricing is highly competitive, and people often find that our services are cheaper and more effective than our competition.

Jason and Brandy Peal
Jason and Brandy Peal

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