Another Marketing scam?

Can You Spot the Marketing Scam

A video ad popped up in my Facebook feed for Digital Marketing Services. These are great opportunities for me to learn what other companies are doing, and it was a good video. It had a young woman trying to get help with small business marketing and the frustration she had with different types of companies.

There was the large mega digital marketing company that uses an expensive one size fits most service, and no one listens to her when she asks questions.

They had the “Trust Me” company, where she pays for something and has no idea what she is getting in return. She is only certain that he takes her check.

They had the single owner many hats guy. His marketing hat was a hipster outfit and a creepy stare.

And then she met a marketing for hire site and lived happily ever after. It’s a strange little ad but entertaining.

In the book “Clone the Ace,” the author talks about the different types of customers, and he says the overwhelming number of clients you will find will be the ones that tried a digital advertising company and were unhappy with the result.

Most of the ads I see about Online marketing are either “The Digital Marketing System Facebook doesn’t want you to know,” or “We are better than those other guys.”

I can see why anyone would be frustrated with ever an changing complicated world of websites, social media, and online advertising. There are experts and idiots, and there is no easy way to tell the difference.

At Brayson we have thought about all these challenges. It’s easy to not be the large company with people walking in and out of your account, when that’s not who you are. We are a small business and you will be talking to one of the owners.

We use tools created by the by the search engine, social media, and DNS companies to evaluate your internet presence. These are tools you can run yourself, and are the same ones developers use to test how well things are working. We create detailed monthly reports that show how our work is starting to grow leads. That’s not something the Trust Us company would want to do.

The Many Hat company can describe most businesses. I have a pile of hats that I have to wear for my business, and you probably do too. It’s more about whether the company has the right skills for your company. Brayson has a variety of partnerships that allows us to offer you the individual care of a small business with the variety of services and the expertise of a large company.

The questions we suggest you ask a perspective marketing company are things like “What’s your turnover rate? How quickly do you respond to technical changes in the industry? What kinds of reporting do you offer? What services will I have access to with your company?” Questions like this make it much easier to determine which type of company you are dealing with and will help you decide whether you want to spend your marketing budget on them.