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Message Source Endorsement: Popular People

Message Source Endorsement is Popular People Advertising

Message Source Endorsement is a fancy word for talking a famous person into getting some kind of access to their audience. Influencers, youtubers, and celebrities all have large audiences that follow them for content. Often their audiences have certain interests in common, which makes them easier to match with products and services. This naturally attracts advertisers interested in getting a message out to potential customers.

There is a risk that one must consider when looking at the potential rewards for endorsements. Things like this can happen.

LeBron James, spokesman for Samsung, gives teammates Apple Watches before NBA Finals

BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys tweets from iPhone, pins blame on hackers.

Pepsi drops Ludacris after O’Reilly-sparked protest

It’s unclear whether LeBron James should be allowed to get his teammates the gift they want rather than base it on his position. It’s also possible that no one in 2013 was using a blackberry, since EVERYONE HAD iPhones. Why was Pepsi surprised at a rappers lyrics? Why did they drop him after he signed a contract that required that they pay him anyway?

Endorsements from celebrities are expensive and out of reach for most small businesses. There is a free source of endorsements that has an even greater pull than Lebron James.

Your customers are a great source of endorsements. They have had a great experience with you, and it would probably not take much to get them to say that. The fact they are not being paid large amounts of money adds to their credibility.

True more people know LeBron James than your Uncle Phil, but you have a lot of customers and that is a lot of reach between them. Also, no one is watching Uncle Phil, and it is unlikely that he will get any negative press, or buy you an Iwatch.

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We do this by creating and managing your social media and web presence. Our reputation management service alerts you of any negative reviews to give you time to respond, before it damages your brand image. We can also help you get positive reviews from your customers to boost brand awareness and build trust around your brand.

Ultimately, what all of this does is increase your income through repeat business and word of mouth growth. It is an investment in your future.