Find your audience

Who determines the audience in digital marketing?

Finding Your Audience for Online Advertising

The short answer, you do. You know your business, and you know your customers. You want your audience to be customer focused, and you are the best person to define it.

Brayson can help you capture your target audience on digital marketing and advertising platforms like Google and Facebook to increase your return on your marketing investment.

Determining the correct audience is something that we discuss with clients from the beginning when we create their marketing plan. We create this plan from a series of questions that we ask you about your business. It’s audience focused, because our goal is to spread your message to the right audience for least amount of cost.

How you capture your audience on an advertising platform differs from platform to platform and most will use a combination of strategies. These strategies can be grouped into two types based on key information held by the marketing platform.

Demographics are used by marketing platforms to separate your audience by statistical characteristics such as location, age, education, and marital status.

Lifestyle information is used to help capture an audience based on past behaviors. Advertising platforms usually list this information as interests or will use keywords to target certain interests.

How the advertising platform does this depends on how it works and how marketing information is collected. It may use information gathered from profiles for demographics. Lifestyle information can be based on search histories, interests listed, and even the content that is being viewed.

All of this is used to narrow your target audience to a point where it is neither too broad or too narrow. Once this is done, your ad will be placed where your customers will see them.

For a very low cost and a minimal budget, Brayson can run a digital marketing campaign on a variety of platforms that will generate sales leads, so you can spend your time running your business rather than digital marketing.