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  • The Case for Digital Marketing Management

    The Case for Digital Marketing Management


    We had a potential client that was in the construction industry and ultimately decided that digital marketing was not worth the money. He didn’t market the company anywhere else but word of mouth. This worked, and in the beginning he found work fairly regularly with loyal clientele. This small group of customers were able to…

  • Reputation Management

    Reputation Management


    The internet is a powerhouse for word of mouth communication. This can be both good and bad for your business. Negative reviews can last long after whatever issue caused them are resolved and can turn customers away, before they even talk to you. Reputation Management involves managing the perception of your business to the general…

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing


    I meet business owners that feel most of online marketing is a waste of time. They usually have a few forms of marketing that they use. They might have a truck wrap that advertises to people stuck behind them in traffic. Sometimes, they put a sign up on the side of the road; so people…