Content Marketing


Content Marketing Definition

It’s a late night and I am in bed scrolling through Youtube when I come across a video titled “Yellow Jackets INFESTATION inside Bedroom wall! Sleeping with Wasps!” It’s not really a good idea to watch what was behind a thin layer of paint in someone’s bedroom right before bed. It was a video from a guy called the Hornet King. He has an entire video series, where he removes wasps and hornets from just about everywhere. The videos are well shot, informative, and entertaining.

If I had a hornet infestation and lived in the Hornet King’s service area, I would call him to remove it, based solely on those videos. The Hornet King has 449 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel and the list is growing. Not everyone is in his service area or has a bald faced hornets nest humming, chewing, and wriggling in their walls, but he could use the traffic generated from YouTube to drive traffic to the company website and social media. Driving interest to those other channels, adding unique content, and showcasing his videos will cause those channels grow. Facebook and Google both have location based searches and use traffic to determine search rankings. By increasing the search rankings and using proper SEO, his company could dominate search page results. This is important, because I don’t think a panicked homeowner will click through search result pages, while they stare down a swarm of hornets. If the homeowner is a fan, he knows the Hornet King already and probably won’t even consider another company.

This form of Content Marketing is very effective at generating interest. This interest can be very effective at generating sales. It’s really a win for everyone but your competitors.