The Issues With a Website

Your Website, Things to Think About Before You Hire Someone

Unlike social media accounts, you have complete control over the customer experience when they view your web page. This gives web pages a kind of curb appeal for customers that are seeing your business for the first time. Your web page also interacts with search engines such as google. It does this through instructions from the server to the web browser or search engine using a variety of code.

The quality of this code is important. A site that is not setup correctly can turn customers away, have your business hidden from search engines, and be vulnerable to theft and liability. Hackers can break into your site remotely, steal data, redirect customers to malicious sites, and it could be very bad.

Code ages the longer it sits. It starts out as a developers best effort; and if left untouched, will remain the same while the world around it moves on. Hackers create their own keys to other people’s locks and developers make better locks by releasing updates to their code. Code that sits, gradually loses this war of attrition, until a script can run a port scan, detect it, and run the exploit.

This is why ensuring that you update your website and perform incremental backups regularly is critical.

Regular site audits are important to detect these issues before they happen. You don’t want to find out that your site backups have not been working after your database gets corrupted.

When it comes to hiring someone for your website, there are important factors to consider. Unlike social media accounts, a website gives you control over the customer experience. It interacts with search engines and requires proper code setup. Neglecting this can result in turning away customers, poor visibility on search engines, and vulnerability to hackers. Code needs to be regularly updated to ensure security and functionality. Performing site audits and incremental backups helps detect issues before they occur.