Why even the smallest businesses need domain email.

Engaging with your customers is best done with a domain email you have control over. You don’t want to use a personal email. Having your customers email Bigdaddy1968@aol.com is not just unprofessional and tells the world you are 52, it makes your company look small. You also have no control over that email. Your email is controlled by the provider. This is bad if you have a business that uses print ads. If you decide to switch email providers, you have to get all new printed materials, and these costs add up. You can’t just make any email you want because the name has to be unique to their service. You can’t just be Bigdaddy because that name was taken long ago. Any new name you create is going to have a number at the end because it has been used.

Domain email allows you complete control over your email. Say you owned a company and you started out emailing customers as bigdaddy1968@yourdomain.com. You decide that you hate that name, but you have boxes of business cards. Just create a new email box and forward the email from the old email box to the new one. What if you hate your email provider? Find one you like, sign up, and have your registrar point to the new provider. Maybe you want six new email boxes named after anime characters? You can do this easily by just creating new boxes attached to your domain. You own the domain, so you have control.





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