Marketing Hype

Why do marketing sites push hype?

Marketing Sites know hype is easy and work is hard

Hype is easy to market. Who doesn’t want to know “The top ten things marketing companies do not want you to know,” “5 Easy tips for SEO,” and “How to make the world love you in just fifteen minutes a day.”

It easy to market, but what marketing companies don’t want you to know is that there is no top ten magic. It’s hard work and research, which doesn’t come off as fun. Nobody wants to read an article on how one can increase sales leads through money, time, and work. “The thirty two complicated steps to better SEO,” doesn’t make people want to read. It makes them want to scroll down faster.

Do you have time for “fifty complicated steps?” Do you have time to manage these assets, run your company, handle sales, and serve your customers?

Once you do the work, you can’t just call it done and ignore it, and expect it to grow. You have to nurture it with content and advertising. You can watch your numbers drop every time you stop advertising and posting content.

If you keep going, you will see other numbers. It goes like this. A large number of people will view your advertising. Some of those people will click on your advertising. Some of the people that clicked on your advertising will like your page or fill out a sales form. Some of the people that have liked your page or completed a sales form will become customers. Everything works together to provide leads. One number drives the other until everything starts to move like gears on a conveyor belt. Creative advertising, effective key words, and a good marketing plan allow things to run smoothly.

What you get are quality sales leads. These are leads that are familiar with your brand and have already provided you with some basic background information. These are leads that you can pursue with confidence, because they are already interested in your brand.

Brayson Management can help you reach these goals through affordable digital marketing strategies. We walk with you step by step, managing your assets as we go. We take your success seriously, because your success is our success.